The Driver’s Return

The anticipated day that we have all been waiting for has finally returned. Dale Jr. is making a comeback to the raceway and this time it will be better than ever. He, as well as all of us, are looking forward to his return, happy to hear that he has made a full recovery. It has been over 7 months since the last time Dale Jr. has been in a race, and it’s been hard to continue without him. On December 8th, Dale Jr. got the all clear from his doctor to continue racing and now he’s almost running to join his competitors. Unfortunately we wont be able to see Dale Jr.’s return as soon as we would like. He won’t be able to compete in the “Clash at Daytona”, which we will all be tuning in to see. We hope to see him with a full recovery sweeping his competitors away on February 23 racing in the Daytona 500. Mark your calendars everyone! The real races have finally begun.


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