Daytona 500

The Daytona race is coming closer than we expect. The race is scheduled in Florida for the end of this month, February 26th to be exact. Are you guys all ready? Hopefully the drivers will be. Make sure you have all your favorite driver’s gear to support them though this race! We are expecting a good race this year featuring all of our favorite drivers. We can definitely expect Truex to be revved up this year with his near almost win in 2016. He’ll be wanting to make a comeback for sure. This year is going to be slightly different from last. Nascar has been putting a lot more emphasis and making sure these drivers are racing safely and have put extra guidelines requiring them to do so. It was probably Dale Jr. recent concussion and countless other driver incidents that are giving fans a scare that Nascar sees a need to toughen up the rules. There is a new damaged vehicle policy put in place to help ensure safety for the current drivers. Nascar also announced the length of this coming race which is consisting of two 60 lap stages with an 80 lap stage to finish it off. The point system is expected to be very similar to previous years as well for the third and final stage. However, this year the top ten drivers to finish the first two laps will be awarded points as well. With these improvements we expect this race to be even better than the last. The drivers are getting ready, are you?


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