Safety First

The guidelines are in and driver security is toughening up. Safety is always a priority when it comes to Nascar and now the rules are made to make prevent future accidents from happening. This will not only improve the sport but it will also guarantee that our drivers will be able to drive longer and compete more in the future. What are the new rules you ask that are making the Nascar experience more beneficial to all involved? The new changes now prohibit drivers to replace damaged car parts that occur during racing accidents. These include panels, hoods, splitters, etc. Sheet metal, however, will be given exactly five minutes to replace as soon as the driver enters the pit stop. Although, if replacements require excess care or excess workers, then the driver will be prohibited from re-entering the race. This includes the car going behind the pit wall or exceeding the allotted five minutes. In previous races, drivers were able to replace any car parts with zero time limit and no restrictions. As you can see the rules have really changed and it has become more specific as to what the driver is or is not able to do and for how long. This will prevent drivers returning to the race with an unqualified car that may not be able to handle to speed and agility that Nascar races require. We expect that these rules make huge improvements to the future safety of drivers and prevent many injuries from happening. We wouldn’t want to see another one of our favorite drivers on a hospital bed with a concussion. I certainly would not.


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