The Driver’s Return

The anticipated day that we have all been waiting for has finally returned. Dale Jr. is making a comeback to the raceway and this time it will be better than ever. He, as well as all of us, are looking forward to his return, happy to hear that he has made a full recovery. It has been over 7 months since the last time Dale Jr. has been in a race, and it’s been hard to continue without him. On December 8th, Dale Jr. got the all clear from his doctor to continue racing and now he’s almost running to join his competitors. Unfortunately we wont be able to see Dale Jr.’s return as soon as we would like. He won’t be able to compete in the “Clash at Daytona”, which we will all be tuning in to see. We hope to see him with a full recovery sweeping his competitors away on February 23 racing in the Daytona 500. Mark your calendars everyone! The real races have finally begun.

7th Heaven

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Nov. 20th, 2016- The Ford Ecoboost 400 race was held at Homestead-Miami speedway to determine a 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion. Although every racer showed great determination, only one could come out on top. Ironically, Jimmie Johnson of Hendrick Motorsports, the racer who came out on top, started the race at the very bottom, due to a ruling of illegal modifications to his car. Johnson had previously qualified 14th for the race, but was pushed back to start at car 40 after the ruling.

Johnson may have started at the back of the pack, but it took him no time to get right up next to his ‘Chase for the Sprint Cup’ competitors,  Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Joey Logano. In less than 50 laps, Johnson was in 5th place, back in the race, and had his eyes on the prize!

This win marked Johnson’s 80th win overall and 7th championship title. This was Johnson’s first championship since 2013. Prior to 2013 he had won five straight championship titles from 2006-2010 so it’s safe to say that many of his fans were ready for another one. At age 41, this championship win marked Johnson as the youngest driver to ever win 7 titles. The only other drivers to have done this were Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Giving his helmet to Tony Stewart as a ‘going away gift’ in honor of Stewart’s last season and race, Johnson proved that he is not only a great racer, but a great competitor as well. We are eager to see how this win will effect the racers, especially Johnson in the upcoming 2017 season.

Phoenix Race Results 11/13

Did we find ourselves the final four competitors to compete to be the Nascar Champion?! There were only two open spots left for the final four so the drivers this week were giving it all they got now that their chances were slimming down. Alex Bowman was taking the lead for the majority of the race that it looked like he might’ve taken one of those remaining spots. However, it looks like Joey Logano was able to get ahead and win the race. Kyle Busch, also a fantastic driver who is the defending series champion, was able to get ahead enough to secure his spot in the final four race. The heat was intense this past weekend but we were able to find our final four. That leaves us with Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano, and Kyle Busch as our final four competitors to be competing to be this years champion. Unfortunately some fan favorite drivers that wont be able to move on are Kyle Larson, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Denny Hamlin. Even though they put in their best efforts they weren’t able to carry on to the next round. This is the third consecutive year that Kevin Harvick will not be continuing to the championship round, he must really be in a rut. Now we just have one more race left until we can finally find ourselves our true winner for 2016. Who do you think will be this years champion?

Finding the Final Four in Phoenix 11/13

This is the last weekend where we are determining our final four competitors for the Championship race. It’s all coming down to the wire now. So far the two guaranteed racers continuing onto the championship are Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards. This season they have been driving top notch which has put them ahead on the leader board. Joey Logano also shows good improvements moving forward so there is a good chance that he will be continuing as well as Kyle Busch who has been on top of his game. Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick,and Denny Hamlin are also high on the leader board so if they are able to push it to the top we have a chance of seeing on them competing in the final four as well. Some drivers who aren’t doing so well are Kasey Kahne and Tony Stewart. These drivers are not doing as well as we would hope, putting them in bad standings. We are just a few weeks closer to finding ourselves a champion for the Nascar season. Hope you will all be watching.

Texas Race Results 11/6

Looks like the rain was a bad sign for a few of the drivers on the road. The weather was the reason of a shortened race this past Sunday so not everyone was able to show their best performance. It’s getting down to the wire as we narrow the drivers to the best four the find ourselves this year’s champion. One driver who is guaranteed to move forward after this weekend is Carl Edwards. This is his fourth time winning the Texas race so we have high hopes for him as he moves on. He certainly has made improvements because before this weekend his chances didn’t look that good, good thing he was able to make a comeback and is now in the game. Another guaranteed racer for the final four is Jimmie Johnson since he has been on top of his game in the past few races. Expect to see these two competitors compete head to head along side two other drivers as they are fighting for the top frontier. Who do we think will be moving forward to compete in the final four? Joey Logano seems to be a good competitor as he showed some speedy skills this past weekend. If he continues to show improvement he could be considered a transfer for the final four. Kyle Busch is also one to lookout for as he may be continuing as well. However, if Kevin Harvick wins the race at Phoenix then there will be only one spot left for another competitor to be considered as part of the final four. One driver that we definitely won’t be seeing continuing would be Kurt Busch. Unfortunately his past performances weren’t enough to have him considered to be in the time four driver’s so it looks like his races this season will be coming to an end. It all depends on how this weekend will play out as we get closer to the end.

Texas Races 11/6

Is everyone ready to see the race this upcoming weekend? Looks like Donald Trump certainly is. You will see our Presidential Candidate featured on a car driven by Reed Sorenson as we watch the tracks of Texas. Looks like we can’t get a break about the upcoming election when the election is right around the corner. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, expect to hear a lot of talk about the Presidential Campaign this weekend. Looks like Jimmie Johnson is coming to the weekend with a lot of confidence. After doing amazing last week he is already guaranteed a spot in the final four. Johnson will definitely be cruising until then. We are all waiting in anticipation to see how Hamlin is going to react this weekend. He was not happy about last weekends result so he going to want to make a comeback to put himself back in the running. Get your popcorn ready, November is going to be a good month as we’re getting close to finding our champion. Hope ya’ll be watching, stay tuned.

How Did Martinsville Go??

Looks like Jimmie Johnson scored ahead of the game with a win at the Martinsville race, locking him in the final four next. We will be expected him and three other fantastic drivers at the Championship 4 Race, which will be held on November 20th. Jimmie Johnson really stepped up his game after taking the lead from Denny Hamlin. This certainly did not make Hamlin happy, as he expressed his anger about the race throughout his interviews. This is Johnson’s ninth time winning the Martinsville race and his fourth win of this season. He really is showing us everything he’s got, making him a good competitor among the other racers. The same cannot be said for Edwards however, who unfortunately was getting mighty close to the wall, damaging his hopes to continue with full speed ahead. Other drivers who weren’t able to excel this past race were Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, and Kurt Busch. These three races unfortunately were not able to perform their best this past race. Let’s see if they can pick up the pace next weekend in Texas.